"I have been on the most amazing journey! This journey took me from the bottom of a very deep valley to the top of a mountain. I didn’t expect to be able to climb so high so quickly but I was lucky enough to meet the most fantastic support at base camp. This person asked me why I wanted to climb, made me question my perceptions of the obstacles I thought I would encounter, helped me decide which pathways were the best ones to take, gave me tools to clamber over the overhanging ridges and reach for the summit.
When I first spoke to Kate Brookes I was at a very low point in my life both personally and professionally. I had lost any self confidence that I had ever had and was unable to make even seemingly simple decisions.
Kate helped me to question what was really important to me and what I wanted to achieve. She helped me set realistic goals and plan how I would achieve them. Together we were able to celebrate my successes and rationalise any challenges. I am about to start a job that I would not even have applied for if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to work with Kate.
I now apply all that I learned to my everyday life and although I will always have a butterfly brain I now am able to organise my thoughts, weigh up the pros and cons of a situation and make a plan of action to achieve goals. I am happier than I have been for a long, long time.
How long did my journey take? About twelve weeks! I know, amazing isn’t it!!"
Kay P.

"When I think of how far I have come since the self-pity and disarray of my thoughts and focus in the summer, I am just so grateful to Kate for her kind help, encouragement and faith that I could make things works for myself. And when I think of the list that she suggested we make together of the qualities that are important to me - I am very much in that place - wow - it proves that when one determines what is important to oneself, then one can make that a reality - it all starts with the thought and identifying what motivates." Emily H.

"Kate challenged preconceptions and beliefs I held, which has led to me applying for jobs I would not have considered. I am now much more confident with the applications I make; with the balance of my time; and feel more in tune with being able to articulate my values. In fact, I have now 3 distinct strands to my job search, and I feel there is more clarity in my plans for the future. I’ve taken challenging (for me!) steps. Kate’s courteous, but persistent and perceptive challenging has been very thought provoking. At times, this has been an uncomfortable journey as I have had to look honestly at myself, but without this opportunity, I really feel I would not have reached the place I am now. I feel confident, in control, more focused and ready for the next challenges from a new job or time of study. Kate’s style was perfect for me: she was practical, focused, courteous, very encouraging, thought provoking and very good at stopping me from side tracking… I have recommended Kate to several of my friends as I know I would not have reached where I am now without her." Josie T.

"Kate has helped me to refocus and find my confidence with regards to my career. I was at a stage where I was a little lost and needed some redirection. She helped me to realise that actually I was on the right path and had many options already in place. I needed to be reassured to gather all the loose ends and move forwards with the knowledge that all the hard work I've already done has been worth it." Heather F.

"The coaching that Kate has given has helped me to clarify and focus on the many unanswered questions I had put at the back of my mind. I was often without the clear thinking necessary to prioritise exactly what needs to be done in the short term, in order to then go on with longer time plans and aspirations.
Kate’s style of coaching is tailored to the wants and needs of the individual, she has a way of helping me get to the crux of the matter and has encouraged me to face up to what's stopping me.
The ability to listen and evaluate by first finding the right question and then reaffirming whats been said was for me particularly helpful, as this often seemed to show a trend or path of thinking that would have been hard for me to realise.
I feel that I am more able to prioritise my life requirements in a more structured fashion thanks in part to Kate’s professional input." Trevor M.

"I have been talking about writing a book and have managed the first three chapters and it is like walking through syrup, but at this session there was a eureka moment… I was stuck on the book and am now fired up again." Tony E.

"The coaching has made a huge difference to my motivation and encouraged me to think laterally in how I can achieve my goals. It has also increased my confidence and given me a genuine belief that I can achieve anything I want to.
I really enjoyed working with Kate, she encourages me to think about the issues and puts me under the right level of pressure to ensure I achieve them. I can't speak highly enough about my coaching and I am so pleased I did it."

Ali P.

"I found the coaching delivered by Kate to be exceptional, it has taken me from a position of self doubt and insecurity to a platform of confidence, self esteem and professional aspiration.
I am delighted with the outcome of our sessions and feel inspired by Kate, both as an individual and a coach."
Jacqui H.

"The coaching sessions helped me to offload in confidence to an unbiased and objective person, which in turn helped me to win a fresh perspective on my issues as Kate looked at the bigger picture.
Rather than tell me what I ought to do, Kate made me question my thought processes and summarised my options, leaving the decision making to me."
Nicola U.

Hi, just to say the [workshop] session last week was brilliant, very dynamic and just what my team needed. I was delighted to hear some of the partners discussing whether something was accommodating or a compromise! Thank you once again, I do love it when you see direct results from something.
Nicola P.